The Attersee is a gorgeous lake which has since 1992, drinking water quality and is the largest one in Austria. The Attersee and the beautiful scenery all around providse the best conditions to spend a wonderful relaxing unforgettable holiday. A pleasant stay for the whole family.
In the seven small eco-friendly villages around the Attersee, primarily in the summer months, you will find a vibrant and lively holiday atmosphere. Whether swimming, long walks, a leisurely walk, a round of golf, or a fast-paced mountain bike tour, our apartments are the starting point for many activities. Spend varied days amid stunning scenery. For cyclists and mountain bikers branched out far and wide variety of routes through the stunning natural landscape.
The crystal-clear Attersee with a depth of 174 meters, very much visited by divers throughout the year, can be described as mystical experience. You can admire a wonderful addition to animal and plant life through the lens diving.
Attersee Golf, between sea and mountains - enjoy the unique lake and mountain views in Weyregg or Nussdorf am Attersee. Even under anglers the lake is high on the list.
Sailing and surfing is very popular on the Attersee with it’s length of 20 km and 3 km wide, also particularly because of the uniformly thick, billowing wind rose.
The modern water park in Seewalchen, is a popular spot on hot summer days. Parents and children rush through the long slide into warm in the 25 ° C water of the swimming pool.
Jumping from one to 10 m high tower in the Seewalchen, which is also courageous for it! The same applies to the water parc in village Attersee, which offers in addition to the 10 m tower at an own sauna, steam bath and solarium.
Besides water sports you can discover in the region around the Attersee the diverse landscape in long walks and bike tours.
Even in winter the Attersee is an attractive holiday destination.
There are some nearby slopes for skiing.
On a winter hike or a snowshoeing tours you can experience the winter landscape in a very special way.
Culturally, there is a lot of offer such as exhibitions, events and concerts.
A vacation at Attersee combines nature, culture, sports and recreation perfectly!
The Attersee is the largest lake in Upper Austria. He is a glacial lake and is the final link of a chain of lakes that begins in the northwest and the southwest with the Irrsee and the Fuschlsee. Its water flows from the chamber Schörfling Ager, which in turn flows into the River Traun. The Attersee Lake has an area of 48 square kilometers and is deep at the deepest point of 174 meters.
Since the Attersee Lake has very steep banks and the average depth is very high, it has a huge volume of water that, as the origin of his name, Ata is Illyrian and means water points.
Surrounded by the 1781 meter high mountain “Schafberg” in the Southwest and the 1863 meter high mountain “Höllengebirge”, offers the opportunity to discover a beautiful mountain scenery.

In the surroundings of the Attersee, there are some interesting sights and beautiful places to visit.
Worth a visit “Gerlhamer-Moor”, also "Gföhret" is mentioned. It was formed millions of years melted away as the Traun glacier. On the edge of the 12-acre conservation area there is an information pavilion with lots of information on the Moor
In the reserve Egelsee near Unterach, you can relax and enjoy naturel.
Visit Steinbacher house mill, built of wood and more than 200 years old. Here the wheat was ground for the locals. Also interesting is the Heritage House, a museum that is on the lake. It used to be the Huthaus, the accommodation of the timber guardian. Here you can learn a lot about the transport of timber in the Attersee region.
Also for artists the region has always been an inspiring place. Visit the Villa of Gustav Mahler and Gustav Klimt.
The Gustav Klimt themeway documents the artistic works of the painter at the Attersee.
Around the lake there is a lively cultural scene with many exhibitions and concerts.
The Attersee and its breathtakingly beautiful environment is a source of inspiration.At the designated places of power you will find meditative calm filled with a very special energy.
The Attersee is also known as the fountain of life.
One of these places of power is the "5 Church Square, which is reached in about 1.5 hours walking distance from Attersee.
Here, shaded by maple and ash, you have a fresh look at five churches. Obtained in this powerful place a strong sense of groundedness and oneness with creation.
Visit the places of power around the Attersee and charge your batteries again!
A relaxing and enjoyable holiday in the Salzkammergut Lake Attersee in Upper Austria is waiting for you!
Feel-good atmosphere, heart, what do you desire?
There are many ways to explore the Attersee.
Sports & Recreation Summer, sun, super fun, water skiing, sailing, surfing, diving, tubing, wakeboarding and group fun on the banana, diving, a boat trip, mountain biking, hiking much more. Easy walks in front of the door and guided tours through the tourist office.
Discover the region by bike, great voyages on small roads away from the traffic on designated forest roads, enjoying life on the sunny side, all sites and attractions in the Salzkammergut Adventure World are very close.
Operetta Festival in Bad Ischl, Festival City Salzburg, Gmunden, Hallstatt, Mondsee, St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen. A special treat are various events with classic music, organized by Attersee Klassik, and the culture Attergauer summer. Fishing is also an opportunity to find peace until a fish bites. Relax, forget everything and regain new energy. An atmospheric end of the day, enjoy a barbecue in the garden with the family.
A walk through the fresh spring, summer or warm autumn colored Schörfling fitness path in the nearby public forest is an opportunity, the little things of life to rediscover. Inhale the fragrant air and investigate the sounds of nature. Just take a seat on the meadow and the silence can act in itself. Even the water to watch the game on the Attersee, experience the charm of a sunset in the Salzkammergut, an unforgettable experience, were you can not get enough from!








































































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